My First Blog Post

“We’re all in this together if we’re in it at all.”

-Johnny Cash

Hello! As we start this journey together, I thought I would write down some of my beliefs about security so we can establish a foundational understanding from which to begin our discussion.

First, I am a healthcare security professional. I say that because healthcare security is a very particular subset of the security industry. Healthcare presents some very specific challenges. The primary challenge is the overwhelming amount of workplace violence that occurs in the healthcare setting. Currently, care providers are four times more likely to encounter violence at work than any other professional group according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Being able to identify, prevent, and intervene in violence effectively is a critical skill for healthcare security professionals. I will spend a lot of time discussing those aspects of security practice as a result.

Second, I fundamentally believe violence can be prevented. I do not accept that some things just happen. Whether it is physical security measures that prevent unauthorized access or predictive violence risk assessments that enable proactive planning, we can prevent violence. I am a believer that there is a method or mechanism that will allow proactive intervention… even if we haven’t discovered it yet. I hope to spend some time exploring a lot of these kinds of predictive assessment tools and their implications on violence prevention.

Third, I do not wish to pretend that I am speaking as the authoritative expert in healthcare security or violence prevention. I am still learning, and I hope that this blog will allow me to learn more. I want to engage other professionals in my industry in this discussion. Let’s work together to collaboratively define proactive security so that we all benefit from each other’s expertise. There is opportunity found in the collective wisdom and experience of a diverse community. I hope you will be part of that!

So that is the pitch. My goal is to get a post out once a week to start. I am sure I will fail and fall at times, but I look forward to getting started together.

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  1. Mike Hodges has steadily risen as a leader in his field and this blog is a great example of how he continues to lead and help advance his industry.

    1. A proactive approach is critical to avoiding crime and conflicts. Anyone can be reactive after the fact. Upper management must make an investment of time, effort and budget support to set the example, and support Conflict Avoidance, Awareness Techniques as well as overall workplace safety throughout a facility.
      It starts at the top!

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