Some questions for you about data in security operations

As we continue to explore aspects of data management within security operations, I wanted to take a moment to pause and ask you all some key questions about what we have discussed.  Specifically, I want to take a moment to learn from each of you what you do with your data, and how it helps you drive operations.

For the last few weeks, we have discussed the Relevance of Data with Farhad Tajali, and then we dove headfirst into the two main reasons to have a data program. In both discussions, we talked about how data helps us manage our resources more effectively as well as punctuate our story well. That leads me to these questions:

How have you used your data collection efforts to tell your story?  Have you been able to use data effectively to steer resources more carefully?

As we moved through the concepts of operational intelligence and strategic intelligence, we learned about the implications of an effective data program in both the near term as well as the long term. In both cases, we reemphasized the points made about resource utilization and the telling of our story as business enablers. My next questions for you are:

Do you apply these concepts in your regular operations? If so, how? How do you utilize operational intelligence on a shift to shift basis to inform and improve your operations? How do your officers take advantage of and exploit information? Can you translate strategic intelligence into long-term operational improvement?

I think it is important we ask these questions so we can learn from one another. More than that though, I think we must ask ourselves these questions, so we constantly improve our consideration and use of data within our operations. In my estimation, the future of security operations in healthcare rest solely on our ability to capitalize on data as an asset that informs us continuously.

What are your thoughts? I’m serious about the question above. Drops some answers in the comments below, and do not forget to like, follow and share to support the Proactive Security Blog.

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