Contributors Wanted

Happy 2021 everyone!

I have spent some time over the last few weeks thinking deeply about the future and direction of the Proactive Security Blog. My goal has always been to create an open discussion on best practices within healthcare security. In reflection, I am enormously proud of what we have accomplished so far. The Proactive Security Blog had over 5500 readers from over 65 countries in 2020. That is truly remarkable.

My goal in starting this blog has always been to create a space for an open conversation on healthcare security and violence prevention. Additionally, I wanted to highlight best practices and ideas that I thought could be helpful to others like me, operational leaders in healthcare security. I believe we have started strong in that direction, but I also believe there is more we can do.

To date, this has been a mostly solitary effort. As we move into 2021, I want to start highlighting other voices through this platform. To that end, I am putting out a call for interested contributors. Those who might want to try their hand at sharing ideas and thought on our industry through blogging. If you are interested, below are some things to consider:

Who qualifies? I am looking for operational leaders in healthcare security.

What is needed? The topics and variety of information that can be discussed are endless, as long as the primary touchpoint is healthcare security.

What are the parameters? Posts could be provided as often as able and must be 300-600 words.

What are the benefits?This is a platform for information sharing, and there are no benefits other than the opportunity to extend your voice to a larger audience and help to shape thinking on the future success of our industry.

Interested? If you are, fill out the form below to apply. If you look like a good fit, I will reach out so we can discuss further. I hope we get the chance to work together.   

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