Integrated Solutioning

There are a plethora of challenges facing security leaders today, not the least of which is the disjointed implementation of physical security solutions. From access control to CCTV systems, hospitals tend to be governed by the law of quick fix instead of careful solutioning, and no where have I seen a healthcare facility that has successful packaged a truly integrated physical security system. It leaves me to wonder if integrated solutioning exists or is it just another dream of the modern security leader.

Disjointed implementation creates varying levels of vulnerability for a healthcare facility. In the modern technological landscape, our goal must be to build a security ecosystem that is balanced and feeds each part from the other to ensure the effectiveness of the whole. When each part of a system works independent of the others it leaves a gap in between. The goal must be to thoughtfully build systems where each part works in cooperation with the other to strengthen the whole.

The practicality of this is easy to see. Think of a physical security infrastructure in your facility that functions in unison. What if your CCTV system was able to identify a threat and communicate that threat to your access control system which in turn locked that threat into a specific area? At the same time the system who send automated alerts to radio systems so that responders are immediately notified and subsequently the system creates a dispatch log. Post the response, the dispatch log would automatically generate an incident report will all the input received by CCTV system, radio traffic, weapon deployment sensors, and officer reporting… I could carry this on, but you get my point. The support provided by integrated system solutioning provides improved threat response, improved threat mitigation, and stronger documentation and follow up. The possibilities are endless.

The sad truth is that this kind of integrated solution does exist, and the technology is only growing in capability and effectiveness. The challenge is not with the tech, the challenge is with our lack of vision. Why do we constantly settle for the disjointed band aid solutions? We must, as security leaders, educate our executive teams on the possibilities. We must dare to dream the dream of a more proactive security posture through true integrated solutioning.

What are your thoughts? Is this idea of integrated solutions worth dreaming? Do you see a future where healthcare systems invest is physical security ecosystems instead of haphazard quick fixes? Join the conversation in the comments below, and do not forget to like, follow and share to support the Proactive Security Blog.

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